Behavioral Care

Our primary goal is to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn and access the skills and resources they need to achieve their fullest potential.

Individual Supports

Our Individual Supports program builds on training the adaptive functioning and communication skills an individual needs, in accordance with treatment plans, to thrive in a home or community setting. Individual Supports encourages the execution and engagement of behavioral, self-care, and habilitative-related tasks, ranging from activities of daily living to instrumental activities. 

Activities of daily living:
  • Eating
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Bathing and showering 
  • Dressing
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
Instrumental activities:
  • Managing money
  • Shopping for groceries and/or clothing
  • Meal preparation
  • Essential household chores
  • Using the phone and other technology

Community Based Habilitation

Our Community Based Habilitation creates a nurturing environment where our individuals can focus on engaging in positive behaviors that lead to increased independence, enhanced functioning skills, and expanded inclusion within the community. Our one-on-one services serve individuals, in or out of their residence, depending on need.

  • Assessment and therapy services
  • Mentoring
  • Skill-building sessions
  • Training of basic self-care tasks, social skills, and activities of daily living
  • Positive reinforcement to achieve goals while minimizing challenging behavior 
  • Assistance with community-based and time-structured activities 
  • Ongoing behavioral support 
  • Small group outings and community leisure and education activities

ABA & Autism Services

Our ABA & Autism services are designed to improve communication, language, and attention while decreasing aggressive and self-injurious behaviors among those with learning disabilities. Our services are customized based on an individual’s skills, abilities, behaviors, and level of functioning to promote learning and growth in a fun and inclusive environment. 

  • Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation 
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy 
  • Skill Building 
  • Family Skill Supports 
  • Ongoing Assessment of Progress and Additional Treatment Plan Needs 
  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Therapy


Our Respite services deliver short-term support for individuals challenged by learning disabilities. Whether at a family home or a community setting, our trained staff will go directly to the place of care and provide relief to families who work tirelessly to care for their loved ones.

  • Minimize the stress and fatigue associated with caring for your loved one.
  • Allow time for running day to day errands.
  • Provide for additional time with other family members and friends.

Our Respite program is available for multiple periods, including:

  • Hourly;
  • Daily without overnight; or 
  • Daily with overnight.

Supportive Employment

Individual Employment Support

We coordinate the activities needed to help an individual obtain and maintain an individual job in competitive employment or self-employment settings.

  • Goal setting
  • Training and systematic instruction
  • Job coaching
  • Benefit support/planning
  • Travel training
  • Job site analysis

Small Group Employment Support

We offer services and training activities to participants with disabilities, working in regular business, industry, and community settings, in groups of two to eight workers. Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Group placement
  • Social enterprises
  • On-site job planning
  • Job development
  • Job site analysis

Prevocational Training

Our Prevocational Training provides learning and work experiences, where individuals can develop general, task-specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability in paid employment and integrated community settings. Supports are delivered in a face-to-face setting, either one-on-one with the participant or in a group of two to eight participants.

  • Job clubs
  • Basic computer skill classes
  • Developing effective communication with supervisors, coworkers, and customers
  • Professional conduct and following directions
  • Task follow-through and completion 
  • Problem-solving and strategies
  • Workplace safety and mobility training 
  • Volunteer experiences

Very happy with the warm and caring staff. Happy clean environment, and one of the best locations in the Tri-state area. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Terrific facility to take care of one's family. Staff members are friendly and go above the call of duty while continuing to be genial.

This is an excellent facility with genuine and attentive employees. I would highly recommend this location!

Belinda R. Jaclyn M. Julia S.
-Kush T., Brother of Respite Patient
-Nakul K., Brother of Individual Supports Patient
-Amish D., Cousin of Individual Supports Patient

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