Find your voice.

Uprooted focuses on nurturing marginalized voices. We believe in empowerment through expression.

Connect with others.

Find a supportive, empathetic community of fellow writers of color. Build lifelong relationships. 

Break the ceiling.

We need varied voices to change the literary landscape. Join us in this celebration of color and light.

This workshop is a must. I had been struggling to find an empathetic community of color, especially in the New England area. Uprooted gave me not only my own voice, but the ability to connect with 10 others. Could not recommend the Fiction Writing Class more! 
Wilhemina Wiloda

Wilhemina Wiloda

If you're asking yourself why to take this class, STOP RIGHT NOW AND JUST DO IT. This experience changed my life. Aimee is a godsend and the people I met here have become lifelong friends. Could not be more grateful for this hidden gem.

Amish Dudeja

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